Colin Kaepernick is trending on twitter after a parody sports center account posted that he got signed.

Twitter just got trolled hard. A parody ESPN Sports Center account going by the name SuperToughScene aka 'Barry McCockiner' tweeted out today that the New York Jets signed QB Colin Kaepernick to a 1 year / $9 million contract. They even included that the source was notable NFL insider Adam Schefter.

A Fox affiliate in North Carolina picked up the story and posted online before quickly taking it down. However, there are always screenshots. 

North Carolina's Fox8 wrote a story about Colin Kaepernick getting signed from a parody account.

Scrrenshot from the Fox8 story on the fake Colin Kaepernick signing.

The former chair of the DNC also got trolled.

Donna Brazile tweet about the fake Colin Kaepernick story.

Kaepernick hasn't played in three seasons after refusing to stand for the National Anthem. He did have a tryout recently in Atlanta, but the hopes of him ever wearing an NFL jersey again are slim to none. Twitter is having an absolute field day about this, however.

This all comes just a day after the same account posted this yesterday.

This tweet tho.