Hollywood has done it again. One of the most iconic Christmas movies of all time (if not the most iconic), a classic film that families have enjoyed for decades, is now getting a sequel that literally nobody asked for. A remake, a reboot, whatever you want to call it - A Christmas Story Christmas now has its first trailer.

I'm a stickler for leaving the original film alone. Let it be. But this isn't about me. Let's hear what the internet had to say.

In case anyone forgot the absolute disaster that was A Christmas Story 2: The Official Sequel, here's a quick refresher.

Dear God, let the movie rest. Even Daniel Stern couldn't save this sequel and he crushed it as Marv in Home Alone. Word of advice, if you have to put "Official Sequel" in the title of your movie, maybe just pass.

We're begging you, Hollywood. We don't want this. Write something new, original, and for the love of all things holy, stop trying to make sequels of movies that came out nearly 40 years ago. Thank you.