Helsinki-based fashion label Vain is changing the way fast-food employees get dressed for work. The designers known for upcycling practices are now putting the 'fire' in 'fries', after their epic collaboration with McDonald's Finland. 

The process of upcycling involves reusing discarded objects and/or materials in order to create something of higher quality. In Vain's case they have taken old and used McDonald's uniforms to create fresh and original looks for employees to wear.

The Official McDonald's Finland TikTok account even posted a video of their mini fashion show and catwalk from inside of the restaurant.

@mcdonaldssuomi Want the drop? Get the job! #mäkkäri @VAIN ? alkuperäinen ääni - McDonald’s Suomi

All I can say is they had no business going this hard. The uniforms are absolute fire. I'm a firm believer in look good, feel good, work hard, play hard. There's no reason McDonald's employees shouldn't feel good about themselves at work. Keep up, America.