Love is in the air and in the same gene pool

A 42-year-old North Carolina man and his 20-year-old daughter have been accused of keeping it in the family and arrested on charges of incest after having a love child and reportedly getting married.

Hear me out. They kind of make a cute couple, yeah? I almost get the attraction. Okay, but no, it's wrong, at least according to the great state of North Carolina, where the maximum sentence for incest is 10 years in prison.

Steven Pladl, now 42, gave his daughter Katie, now 20, up for adoption when she was born. They reunited in 2016 when she tracked him down through social media. Katie eventually moved into the Pladl home, and subsequently, Steven and his wife legally separated in November 2016 and began living apart.

The ex-wife told authorities that just before she moved out Steven would sleep on the floor in Katie's room. Hmmm. The ex-wife then learned Katie was pregnant last May after reading one of her daughter's journal. She snitched because she was mad jealous. Or something. Supposedly he was also having his other children, Katie's bio siblings, call Katie step-mom.

Here's to the happy couple! May their sentence be short and sweet.