If you're thinking of getting your wife or husband a workout machine for Christmas, it might be time to second guess that decision. Working out and being fit is for monsters, who only care about themselves and their own images. Just kidding it's totally fine, but don't tell the Internet we said that. 

Last night Twitter found a Christmas ad for a new workout bike by the company Peloton and began dunking it on, the only way people know, with memes and ridicule. 

The ad incensed so many people and sparked so many Tweets of backlash and hate that the companies stock rose by 5% over night. The ad in question, simple Christmas ad, where a husband gives his wife a workout bike, what could be wrong? Well, for one everything. 

Okay, you get the point right? People hate it, so it must be bad, that's how this works now. Take a watch and see for yourself. 

How dare this husband give his "thin" wife a workout bike? How dare he. Don't thin people already have nice bodies? Sounds crazy right? What's more crazy is getting upset about an ad, an ad that isn't real, and has no meaning besides getting you to buy some shitty workout bike, must say something about society, it must. So what it says it men are pigs and thin women only want to be thinner. Or not, maybe it's just an ad and all you upset babies are just that, babies.