Over the past several weeks, femcels have taken a break from their busy schedule of reciting every word to Pearl (2022), and attempting to stage their own disappearances — and plot-twisting monologues — like Amy Dunne in Gone Girl, to grapple with the latest element of femcel philosophy — the divisive notion that all men, no matter how straight, are secretly gay.

In a revelation that would leave disgraced influencer James Charles (allegedly) heartbroken, TikToker @chy.ft ook to the platform earlier this week with a message she avowed to “always yell … on the highest mountain” that all men's issues with dating stem from them not actually liking women.


Im just here to bring clarity in a world full of confusion.

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“Most men are dealing with mental battles that have nothing to do with you and those battles are homosexuality and that is not why they cannot love a woman properly,” she explained in the clip, her cadence weirdly resembling your homophobic dad in 2008. “It’s not you, babygirl. It’s them.”

Despite racking up more than 371,000 likes since hitting the platform in late January, it seems @chy.ft’s take garnered quite a divisive reaction. While some backed up her claims, joking that “They be fighting “demons” whole time its really Damon” and observing how their exes have “the deepest and strangest attachment to his friends,” others took a more rational approach, posing the bold question of what the actual f***?

“This is one way to cope with rejection,” commented one TikToker, another dubbing her argument a “chronically online take.”

As one commenter put it, “y’all be reaching for the stars and it’s truly a talent.”