Move over Timothee Chalamet, Jung Kook and Tony Soprano, it seems TikTok has found a new heartthrob to swoon over — none other than certified existentialist daddy, Franz Kafka.

Despite being dead for nearly a century the TikTok girlies still can’t get enough of the Metamorphosis author, creating horny fancams, more horny fancams, and even more horny fancams (but horny in like, an esoteric way this time) thirsting for the absurdist.

“He’s a 10 but he never finished any of his novels,” read the text across a viral post depicting the writer in the throwes of madness … *and* sexiness.

@aquariuscat444 If the guy you like isnt WORSHIPPING you then pls dont waste your time #fyp #kafka #letterstomilena #philosophy #dating ♬ original sound - mahj

But beyond the posts Czech-ing out the Prague-born writer, Kafka’s poignant prose and (alleged) excerpts from his love notes to reporter Milena Jesenská also found their way to the platform, with fans hoping words were just one thing Kafka had a way with.

@galadragot #kafka #philosophy #literature #books #kafkaesque #fyp #tinquiete #booktok ♬ tinquiète by gala dragot slowed - gala dragot

“You are out here being excited over a stinky, ugly, uneducated man texting you back when Kafka wrote, "I can't hold enough of you in my hands" to Milena,” read one post hyping up the author, a sentiment it seems some of the clip’s 1.7 million followers could get behind.

“Kafka is my bare minimum and I won’t date a man until he is Kafka,” commented @wetsewerrat1. “If he doesn't take notes from ‘letters to milena’ I'm leaving,” added @greekyogurtwhore (which, same).

RIP, Kafka. You may not have loved TikTok, but you *definitely* would have loved this edit of insect Gregor with massive knockers.