gamer girl video game

Get thirsty lads, 'cause it's bathwater drinkin' time.

A trailer for the new video game Gamer Girl has just about every woman who owns a joystick up in arms today.

They're upset over the game's premise, in which you play as a moderator controlling a woman's gaming stream, only the woman ends up being stalked and possibly assaulted.

The game is weird for a lot of reasons—who really wants to sit around and moderate a gamer girl's Twitch stream, and why would anyone make a game where the goal is to watch a woman get harassed? (we can go online and do that for free)—but critics latched on to the fact that the game is basically light torture porn for simps.

A simp-ulation, if you will.

The game isn't meant for women gamers, but even as an "empathy game" like The Last of Us 2, which gives you a gun and tries to make you feel bad for using it, Gamer Girl doesn't look like it's gonna make any guy feel bad for gamer girls who get death threats online.

It seems more like a simulator for lonely dudes to make a real woman miserable (the game uses actual video footage instead of typical 3D graphics).

If that seems like the game for you, then just know that you're probably already making some poor woman's life miserable, so you don't need more practice.

Who knows, maybe one of the gamer girls complaining about it will hate buy a copy and have fun power tripping as a creepy moderator.

That's the best these developers can really hope for until some kid claims the game inspired him to become an expert level stalker.