TikToker @carlybburke is kind enough to share with us her relationship horror story. It goes from bad to worse as more and more details are revealed.

She once dated a guy who kept referring to her as Jessica. Not a great start. Then, his family asks her if they could call her Jessica, too. Things are getting a little weird now. Who’s Jessica? Why do they all want to call me that? Is he cheating? But the reality of the situation was much grimmer.


(This was years ago and is not about my current bf)

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Carly finds a picture of a girl who looks just like her in a locket of his. She discovers this girl’s name was Jessica. Jessica is this boyfriend’s ex. It’s later revealed Jessica died in a car crash while said boyfriend was driving. Carly has become a replacement for Jessica. She’s this man’s way of coping with his loss. Now that’s dark.

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The boyfriend goes so far as to speak to and do things for Carly as if she were Jessica. He buys Carly flowers, lets her know, and then leaves them on Jessica’s grave. Finally, Carly decides she can’t handle this deranged relationship any longer and breaks up with him. In response, he stabs himself. I mean, everyone deals with loss differently, right?