Being a weirdo isn’t the pull you think it is – just ask Twitter PUA Chase Austin, who recently had a recorded interaction fact-checked to filth by the woman he was allegedly attempting to seduce.

On Friday, June 2, Austin, who has amassed more than 38.5K followers with his “modern dating” content, anti-vaxxer nonsense, and general red-pilled stupidity, took to the platform with a clip depicting a recent interaction he had with an evidently unwitting woman, one he bragged was an impressive display of his flirting abilities.

“What are her eyes & body language conveying?” he asked. “Notice how my body language is pointing away from her but hers is opened to me. The smallest things will convey to her subconscious who is the buyer & who is the seller.”

Despite Austin’s bold claims, @travelwlexi, a creator alleging to be the woman in question, later took to TikTok and Twitter revealing that she was not, in fact, buying what this PUA was selling.

“Hey, Chase! This is me :) It was so nice to meet you Thursday at Cowboys,” she quipped in her Twitter post on the matter. “So happy (and unaware) that our meeting was recorded.”

“Weird that you forgot to include the part where my friends came and saved me from you after you made several misogynistic comments,” she continued.

She reiterated these statements in a viral TikTok detailing this interaction, describing him as “not a very good person” before imploring aspiring PUAs to avoid Austin’s “tips” at all costs.

@travelwlexi Crazy people out there!! #twitter #boy #drama #crazy ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

“Really happy that you were able to capture this moment so people know how to not treat or talk about women!” she concluded.

So take it from Austin – being a misogynistic asshole won’t get you laid, but it will absolutely get you roasted on Twitter.