Bad news for fine employees at the fine dining locales of Femboy Hooters, Tomboy Outback and Milf Dennys: Your uniforms can and will start a legal shitstorm — just ask Cosplayer/unofficial Goth IHOP waitress, Candylion.

Last week, IHOP took a break from its busy schedule of serving as the official restaurant of old people who eat dinner at 4:30 p.m. to allegedly slap Candylion — a.k.a Drew — with a copyright strike after she began selling a series of prints depicting her posing in a metal-af parodied version of their uniforms.

“This is the funniest copyright strike I have ever gotten and will probably ever get,” she captioned a post shared with her 420.5 thousand (nice) Twitter followers alongside both a snap of her sporting her likely Anne Rice-approved getup and the purported notice.

Alongside questioning how IHOP’s team of corporate lawyers managed to pass the Bar exam without being able to read and asking the age-old question of where’s Nathan Fielder and/or his Dumb Starbucks approving lawyer when you need them, it seems Candylion decided to back down.

“I just changed the listing and called it a day,” she replied referencing her Etsy offering. “Don’t wanna take on big pancakes.”