Andrea Sunshine is not your typical grandma. With a daily caloric count of upwards of 1,300 calories a day, this sexy 53-year-old grandma of two spends her time getting absolutely ripped at the gym, fighting off guys half her age. She also claims to be eating up to 150 eggs per month. 

Sunshine says she typically will snack on broccoli, cauliflower, yams, cabbage, and spinach, staying away from sweeter vegetables like pumpkin and carrots. She also attributes her top physical condition to the number of eggs she consumes. 

Sunshine says she calls the gym Disneyland and that she doesn't mind being referred to as the Fitness Grandma because most people at the gym also call her a "beast". 

"I am in my best shape and infinitely healthy," Sunshine said.

However, this fitness guru has trouble fending off men at the gym, saying, "Young men have a crush on good-looking mature ladies so I get hit on all the time. I don’t like the attention. When I am in my session, I hate to be disturbed." She claims the men are typically 30-35, but sometimes a 25-year-old will approach her, assuming she is much younger.

Sunshine competes in physique competitions with women half her age and still manages to come out on top. 

She said, "There is a stigma that with advancing age of women, they should only dedicate themselves to taking care of the home and family. It’s possible to do both."

While it's impressive Andrea Sunshine has taken such good care of her body, 52 still seems like a reasonable age to be so physically fit. Maybe come back when you're 72, then we can talk about muscular grandmas.