Oh to have the gift of gab. To be able to have all the clever comebacks that you will inevitably think of way later when you're alone! Trash-talking is a skill and Twitter is compiling all the infamous trash-talkers in the universe real or fictional.

Twitter user @SagED_UP asked his followers “Who is the greatest trash talker of all time?” and the Twitter audience delivered.

Many pointed out Muhammad Ali, who is known for his in and out-the-ring quips. He let his opponents have it!

“People were scared to death (my father included) that Muhammad Ali was going to get killed by George Foreman - Ali's opponent in this particular fight, “ says @okoyeahaneku. “There is only one answer.”

Gordon Ramsey is an easy answer due to his ability to insult you in the most creative ways.

Sticking with reality TV stars, one user included a rough cut of drag queen Gia Gunn’s run on season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars. Gunn found the most intricate ways to read each and every one of her castmates that season (and some were her friends!). If the world was just we’d have Gia Gunn back on reality TV.

Now reality TV queen Tiffany “New York” Pollard is a strong contender. As the creator of so many memes, Pollard has not been on one reality show where she didn’t verbally malign a fellow castmate.

One user posted her confessional on Celebrity Big Brother where she calls Gemma Collins a “disgrace to humanity and…women who are actually beautiful.”

Even fictional characters were in contention. Who can forget Lady Tyrell from Game Of Thrones’ insane smackdown of Jamie Lannister just hours before her death? It is one of the few great scenes from that final season.

Some of the best trash talks are the ones that come completely unprompted like Lamar in Grand Theft Auto: V. A single dismissal sent him on a tirade that is so cutting, you just gasp.

Similarly, another user threw in the late Naya Rivera’s character, Santana from Glee. Santana goes on a two-minute insult-filled rant towards another character that was so mean, you feel bad for the actors.

Are all the receivers of these trash talkers okay? Serious question.