Alex Kack aka #GreenShirtGuy laughs at some anti-immigration protesters

When people act stupid, sometimes you just have to laugh. That's exactly what one man did at a City Council meeting about sanctuary cities in Tuscon, Arizona where some anti-immigration protesters decided to disrupt the proceedings with their take on the issue.

The full video of the incident can be seen below:

The protesters are from the Arizona chapter of a far-right organization known as the Patriot Movement, a group which believes in some pretty extreme measures even by conservative standards. Patriot Movement AZ has been sued multipletimes by the Southern Poverty Law Center (alongside a coalition of local churches).

Dubbed #GreenShirtGuy by Twitter, the man in the video became an almost-instant viral sensation for his absolute nonchalance in what could have been a tense/awkward situation. 

Eventually, our green-shirted hero was identified as a local comedian and writer named Alex Kack.

Alex was rightfully amused by his newfound viral fame, but quickly took the opportunity to point all those eyes toward a worthy cause: