an orange lamborghini miura in a garage on a lift with a yellow ferrari sign in the background

Back in November, Youtube user hp_overload took his  Lamborghini Miura S  to the used car superstore Carmax in hopes of getting an offer from the dealership.

Before heading to the dealership, Serge looked up some auction results for the exact same car (there are only 12 of these worldwide), which sold for 2.6 Million dollars.

Below is the entire video, Carmax's offer appears around the 7:15 mark with an explanation from the appraiser.

an orange lamborghini muira with the hood open and a man looking underneathThe carmax appraiser giving the car a thorough check.

I think Serg's answer to the proposal is obvious enough, but my question is why the offer was even made?   I understand Carmax is not typically a high-end auto dealership which is why I would have expected them to decline to make an offer instead of insulting the customer and their vehicle with a ridiculously low-ball offer.  That being said this was probably the highest offer Carmax has ever made for a single vehicle.

Below: Carmax's not-even-close offer on the Lambo.

a printed appraisal offer from carmax for $199,998

Maybe Serg would have better luck finding a buyer on Craigslist, and you know, the possibility of getting your car taken from you at gunpoint makes things that much more interesting.

an animated gif of oprah winfrey saying i will not accept that