On April 25, the ultra-right-wing spokesperson Jackson Hinkle posted a controversial photo of himself holding a gun, with the caption “Gen Z is pro-gun.” The Tweet currently sits at 17.2 million views and has succeeded at generating the polarizing response it was designed to.

But the best reaction to Jackson’s Tweet was undoubtedly by menswear writer Derek Guy, who used the photo to point out the difference between real and discount bespoke suits and call out Jackson’s fit in the process.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, he describes the difference between fully bespoke suits, and made-to-measure, or MTM, computer-designed suits. Based on Jackson’s lapel, he concludes that Jackson’s suit is MTM, despite the suit maker JB Clothiers advertising a “full bespoke suit experience.”

Guy’s thread garnered more than 2.5 million views and Jackson quickly fired back a day later, posting a different picture of his lapel, and blaming Guy for using politics to discredit a tailor. But Guy got the last laugh, after a quick call to JB Clothiers confirmed his suspisions. “I got my info from your tailor,” he said in a tweet that ratio’d Jackson’s response two to one. “I called him… Even he said that his base price is not the full bespoke standard.”

Ultimately, Guy is just pointing out the difference between fully bespoke and MTM suit making, and hopefully giving suit buyers the knowledge they need to make decisions for themselves. Still, using suit technicalities as a form of political takedown is uncharted territory, and Twitter trolls couldn’t help but get in some bespoke jabs of their own.