Josef Rakich is a gym bro, lifestyle influencer, and the head of something called Wealth Network, which may or may not be an MLM scheme. He’s also quite good at working social media algorithms to his benefit, which he certainly accomplished with his most recent viral Tweet.

“You're 10 years old and we just stole your lunch money. What you gonna do?”

With 19 million views, the Tweet has stretched much farther than Rakich’s normal outreach, and into the feeds of people with no issue flaming him for his ridiculous post.

Twitter user @CallMeK1123 immediately asked what everyone was thinking. “Why are grown men robbing kids of their lunch money?”

“Easier than when it's fully grown men,” @ImJosefRakich responded.

Rakich’s Tweet is most likely intentionally farcical to generate a reaction like this post asking if you’d stay in isolation for a year for $20 billion. Still, it’s satisfying to watch the internet have its fun. Even the infamous gym influencer Joey Swoll had something to say.

“First I’d teach you the difference between “you’re” and “your,” he said. “Then I would do a backflip ninja kick and take my lunch money back!”

People like Rakich always seem like they are compensating for something. Well now we know, somebody stole his lunch money when he was 10.