Last spring, one user may have pushed the r/NoStupidQuestions moniker to its existential limits, questioning why ”boob enjoyers” like tits so goddamn much.

“Hello, I am currently figuring out my sexuality. I am male and I have a question about boobs,” u/OppositeStruggle6462 commenced their post originally shared last May that has made the rounds again on Twitter this past week.

“Do people actually like them? Like, do you see a boob and think that's hot or you want to touch it or something,” they continued noting that they “don’t really understand the appeal for them.”

“I'm wondering if this is something everyone thinks and that's just a thing about boobs, or people actually find them hot,” they asked, quickly realizing that the answer was a nearly resounding “yes.”

“I see boobs and I wanna squeeze em, bury my face in em, and put them in my mouth,” wrote u/stinky_kitties. “I love boobs”

Same u/stinky_kitties. Same.

Beyond their aesthetic delights, boobs can also fulfill an existential need — just ask u/snacksnnaps.

“In all seriousness, sometimes when I’m having a some stressful or aggravated moments I legit stop and think about boobs for a little while and it makes things better, at the very least it takes the edge off of the moment,” they wrote. “I can think a little bit clearer again, well, about as clear as you can think when you have boobs on the brain so not much clearer but at least I’m not stressed anymore.”

But it’s not just boob enjoyers. A handful — that is not a pun, you perverts — of boob havers flocked to the comment section detailing why they love tits.

“I am a boob owner, and get the appeal!” wrote u/ButteredStrumpet. “They're soft, warm, and jiggly, and sometimes I hold one or both for comfort.”

“Bisexual woman here” added u/Accurate-Animal-7872. ”Let’s just say I just woke up buried in my girlfriends like this. I definitely think it’s appealing. Comforting as needed and sexual at the right times.”