Despite both having “spray” in their respective names, “pepper spray” and “room spray” are most definitely not one in the same, a lesson one dad recently learned the hard way.

On Monday, May 8, Twitter user @ballsmcwalls69 took to the platform with a tale of eye-wateringly-derranged woe, recounting how her dad’s apparent attempt at tidying led to him inadvertently macing his entire family.

“MY DAD JUST PEPPER SPRAYED ALL OF US THINKING IT WAS ROOM FRAGRANCE WE’RE ALL DYING RNJSBDBFBF,” she wrote alongside two photos, one depicting a can of pepper spray sitting in a bowl and another of her father, boasting the massive, grin any dad would proudly sport have after filling his home with OC.

Yet through their probably watering eyes and burning lungs, @ballsmcwalls69 and her family took this mixup in stride, uproariously laughing through the pain of inhaling a fuckton of irritants.

“HE’S A MENACE!!!!!” she captioned a snap of her father absolutely losing it, noting that it wasn’t just dad who found the ordeal amusing.

“BYEEEE we were continuously losing it for 20 minutes straight,” she added alongside another video of the pepper spray aftermath. 

Pepper-spraying you're family – the only thing to do when no one is laughing at your jokes.