Despite his string of mediocre albums, weird friendship with Netflix’s Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, and uncanny likeness to *all* the Looney Tunes characters, it seems Drake’s music has still managed to cut through the noise, inspiring fans … to make some of the worst cakes known to man.

Over the past several months, the blue-skied artwork for Drake’s 2013 album 'Nothing Was The Same' has evolved from a relic of a time when Drizzy made good music— tell us our existence is a “light 1”, we dare you —  to the subject of TikTok’s latest baking challenge.

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Since last summer, amateur cake decorators have flocked to the platform, uploading their attempts at making (often intentionally terrible) edible recreations of the album cover.

While some are actually pretty good  — much unlike Drake’s music since 'If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late' (once again, come at us, bro, it’s on you for making trash music) — employing stencils and piping bags to offer the most accurate iteration of the iconic album …



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♬ original sound - user92378468495

Other TikTokers took a strange-cubical page from Pablo Picasso’s book — if that is a book and not a shoe or a horse, we really can’t tell. Featuring bug eyes and other alarming features. Others resembled notable head non-giver, DJ Khaled, a Juan Gris painting, and that one clown dude from Cuphead.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be getting into some “Knife Talk” … because we want a slice!