The world has lost its collective mind. We are burning up on a flat disc under a dome that reaches 6 thousand miles into space and people still don't use their blinkers when they change lanes. We're done for, but at least we can all laugh about it. 

What a day for news. A few stories going around the interwebs today are sure to raise a few eyebrows and turn your stomaches upside down. The first story on our wtf news docket of the day has to do with the most protected little pecker in all the world. That's right, Trump's dong has been a topic of discussion since Stormy Daniels in her new book said it, (his penis) resembles the Mario Kart character Toad. 

If this story isn't enough and you want some more grade A cringe well then you're in for a treat. Today, a writer for the show Sesame Street came out and spilt the beans about Bert and Ernie's longterm closeted relationship, which Sesame Street quickly refuted. You can read their statement below. 

Funny right? Lol people are so silly, all we really care about is painfully clear on days like these. People want cartoon muppets to have passionate anal sex and they want to imagine their Presidents dick as a funny videogame character. And for that we have nothing to say but, here ya go weirdos.