On December 20th, 2013, Justine Sacco, a former employee of InterActiveCorp sent out a tweet which would forever change her world. She was en route from London to South Africa for work when she tweeted this: 

And soon thereafter the Internet lite their pitchforks and took her down hard. Justine had a Twitter following of 150 people yet the Tweet soon received over 50,000 retweets and spawned numerous article from sites like CNN, The International Business Times and Buzzfeed. 

By today's standards, it's safe to assume the Tweet would have been lost in the hurricane that is Twitter or it would have been written off as an insightful bit of satire that challenges the narratives of what it means to be white, especially in a country like South Africa. But in 2013, jokes or shall I say comments like these were still very touchy and ultimately Justine's Tweet has been used as an example of the dangers of making questionable jokes online. The following screenshots are from the following days as Justine began to feel the effects of what she had done. 

Since her Twitter crisis in 2013, Justine has rebounded and landed another job at a PR firm, yet she has withheld where she works from the media and for good reason. So before you send that next Tweet or post on Facebook just ask yourself, is it worth it?