One woman single-handedly changed the definition of DUI from “driving under the influence” to “dancing under the influence” after busting a move, cracking jokes, and planning her mugshot merch moments after being arrested for driving while intoxicated.

It all began when Allison, an education student at Texas A&M University, found herself faced with authorities after she “smacked” into another car after a night out.

Acting like this after a DUI is crazy
byu/happeninbro inImTheMainCharacter

She almost instantly admitted to enjoying a few drinks that evening  — “I’ve had two shots and one drink tonight,” she told the officer in recently-released body cam footage — a confession that landed her in handcuffs, arrested for DWI.

After a brief cry — “This is a f—king joke,” she told a friend consoling her — Allison quickly began poking fun at her newly-mounting legal woes, twerking on her friend and planning the ultimate photo op: Her mugshot.

“How do I look for my mugshot?” she asked another pal before planning on what to do with the image. “Will you put my mugshot on a T-shirt?”

Though it’s unclear whether or not Allison got her mugshot top, one thing is for sure: Don’t drink and drive, lest you think getting a t-shirt with your face on it is a good idea.