The A&E network premiered its new 10 part docu-series “Secrets of Playboy'' on January 24th, exposing the infamously depraved life of Hugh Hefner. The docu-series features archival footage, steeped in nostalgia, wrapped in a velvet robe, and washed down with a couple of quaaludes.

“Secrets of Playboy '' showcases vivid accounts from former employees and Playboy playmates, and exposes the widespread abuse, and mistreatment, of Hefner's Playboy bunnies. The series features accounts from former Playmate and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Sondra Theodore, Bunny Mother PJ Masten, and Hugh Hefner’s personal valet Stefan Tetenbaum. 

The 10-episodes series feature testimonials from former playmates who were not abused by Hefner and people in his inner circle. Account’s of murder, rape, and bizarre sex acts doled out by Hefner and his pals are some of the memories recounted by former Playboy bunnies. 

One of Hefner’s ex-girlfriends, Sondra Theodore, recalled with disgust entering a room while Hefner was fornicating with her dog. (we're not joking) A tactic called “grooming” that's used by pimps was regularly employed by Hefner to gain compliance, trust, and coerce prospective girls into performing as Hefner required. Any behavior other than total obedience was met with consequences. 

According to Bunny Mother PJ Masten and Hefner's valet Stefan Tetenbaum, Hugh ran a cult-like environment. Any girl that wanted to become Playmate of the Month or Year had to oblige with Hefner's sexual advances in order to qualify. And once Hefner had his way with the prospective bunnies of his choosing he would pawn them off onto friends for sexual gratification. 

Women who didn’t make the cut as playmates or HH’s significant other were given the option to reside at what the docu-series calls a “shadow mansion.” The "shadow mansion" functioned the same way as the Playboy mansion in terms of controlling women's bodies, however, these “shadow mansions” were owned by powerful men who promised playmate rejects modeling contracts, which were often fake. These “shadow mansions” essentially functioned as brothels where women were indentured sex workers for Los Angeles’s rich and elite.

A&E sheds further light on other men involved in morally corrupt behavior documented at the playboy mansion. Notably deceased host and creator of acclaimed line dancing show “Soul Train” Don Cornelius who passed away in 2012. It has been alleged that Cornelius, a VIP of the Playboy club, brought two bunnies from the Los Angeles club back to his home to keep the party going. After several days the two women reemerged claiming they were held against their will, drugged, and raped by Cornelius.

While we cannot comment on all the news made public in the documentary, it's sadly not very surprising that these accusations are finally coming to light. What is the hardest pill to swallow is how this could have happened openly, for so long, and no one stopped it. Well, not anymore.