It’s time to revive the underappreciated shitpost comment, “I feed my dogs the soda everyday.” @a1exnicho1s is keeping the joke alive by periodically tweeting the screenshot from when Dr. Pepper liked the comment “I feed my dogs the soda every day.”

Back in 2016, the soda brand launched a campaign where they released bottles with ‘fun’ and ‘unique’ labels to stand out among other beverages. Their “puppy paw” bottle featuring paw prints on the label, was posted on Facebook encouraging followers to drink the soda while hanging out with their dog with the caption “Man’s best friend meets man’s other best friend.”

The comment in itself is funny because the paw print design could easily be confused for a pet product intended to actually be fed to dogs. The joke was taken further when others joined in by copying & pasting it to Dr. Pepper posts and tweeting at other beverage brands.

The beauty of the comment is that it’s funny in and out of context. The vague and declarative statement radiates similar energy as  “i;m thinking about tho beans.”

Nobody should actually feed their dogs soda but anybody could say “i feed my dogs the soda every day” in the same tone as “cracking open a cold one with the boys.”