While Dick Destroyer December may be eight months away, it’s never too early to start training – just ask OnlyFans creator Vicky Banxxx, who pledged her allegiance to making her man cum 6-7 times per day.

 “It’s like this proud thing that all these women have going on. I mean I don’t knock women for feeling proud and for wanting to have, you know, that girl power and holding things over him, but no – you’ve gotta give it up, ladies,” she began her video.

“I please my man in every way. All the ways. Wake him up, he gets to nut. Before he leaves out the door, he’s leaving empty nuts,” she continued.” At work, I am calling him like, ‘Come outside. It’s your lunch break. It’s time for you to get your nut off.’ When he gets home, he's getting fed, he is getting another nut, and one before bed, or two if he’s lucky. That’s it, that’s the secret. I make sure that my man nuts at least six or seven times a day.” 

Though It’s unclear whether Banxxx’s remarks were pulled from an actual podcast or were simply parodying TikTok’s penchant for amplifying any out-of-pocket dudebro with a microphone, the Twitterverse evidently couldn’t care less about the clip’s origins, a re-upload of the video garnering 36.9 million views.

“I'll pass lol. Nothing about this sounds enticing,” Twitter user @Da1nOnlyCMart captioned his now-viral re-upload of the clip posted on Wednesday, March 31, a sentiment echoed by nearly all the video’s commenters.

Banxxx has remained tight-lipped on these questions — including whether she owns a Chinese cock milking factory a la Jordan Peterson.