Humans of New York revolutionized what an Instagram page could be. Its simple interview format has since been mimicked by TikTok street interviewers and countless Instagram culture pages, but still, no one does it quite like Humans of NY.

With 12.6 million Instagram followers, and plenty more across other platforms, Humans of NY has profiled thousands of people. But just yesterday, they published what might be their best profile in the non-profit’s 13-year run. He is, as those Dos Equis ads used to say, the most interesting man in the world.

“I once provided thousands of orgasms over a five-year period, without ejaculating a single time,” the man says. “I had to learn that I was hurting people emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. Because they’re probably never going to reach that level with someone else.”

He goes on to say that he wrote a book called The Extension of The Female Orgasm but lost it, among other self-promotions of his sexual prowess.

“So now I tell people right from the start—the complete honest truth,” he concludes. “You’re an amazing person. And enchantingly beautiful. But I’d rather just be friends, instead of having amazing sex that is probably going to make you hate me.”

“Sir, this is a Wendy’s,” one person joked.

“Desperately need a testimonial from a lover,” bitter_feminist added.

But other people were less quick to throw out his statements and label him a fraud. Some even gave personal testimonials, claiming his name is Rex.

“I don’t know about his sexcapades,” taratrippy said, “but this guy actually runs an awesome rescue and rehabilitation program for dogs.” Other commenters backed this up.

Some people are just different, and we are all better for hearing them speak. Rex might be one of them… or a giant troll. Either way, this is the man that Humans of New York was made for.