Ever since the infamous 2015 ‘Deez Nuts’ vine, the internet has been tricking unsuspecting victims into saying inappropriate things. ‘Ligma’ and ‘Candice’ entered popular lingo back in 2018, and have dominated the bait genre ever since. But now there is a new trick being added to the mix, and it’s worse than any of its predecessors; “I support Jenna’s Side.”

Interacting with comments is a crucial skill for live-streamers who wants to relate to their viewers. Unfortunately, it’s not a skill that many of them possess as TikTok user Riley James is proving with one simple comment: “Hey my friend Jenna is in an argument, can you say ‘I support Jenna’s side?’” Countless streamers are complying.

@rjames2996 who know Jenna had so many supporters! #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #funny #ukraine #live ♬ original sound - Riley James

“Don’t say that! You’re going to get banned again!” a girl yells at her blissfully unaware friend. “Don’t just say things that people comment.” While this is good advice, unfortunately not many streamers took it, or even realized their mistake. “I need to make an announcement real quick,” one of them proclaims before blurting it out. “I don’t know if it’s funnier when they realize, or when they don’t,” one viewer remarked.

@rjames2996 Even more supporters! #viral #cute #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #funny #live #ukraine #cats #catsoftiktok #cat #dog ♬ original sound - Riley James

“There’s no way there can be so many people who don’t understand,” one person commented in disbelief. This viewer has a theory; “They don’t even know wtf genocide means.”

The encouraging part of this trend is that Jennas everywhere are feeling more appreciated than ever before. One Jenna made her gratitude known; “Thanks for all the support guys.”