It might have taken two decades, but the Streisand Effect — i.e., the phenomenon in which attempting to obscure information only draws more attention to it — may soon have a new namesake: TikToker and comedian Farrah Flawless.

Last month, Flawless, who has garnered 1.1 million followers from clips detailing her several tattoos and piercings, her job at Lush and general existence as a “gender terrorist anarchist goblin lizard queen,” took to her page with a word of warning for her fans: “Never Google me.”

“Seriously, I’m not joking, never Google me. Ever,” they explained in a now-viral clip shared on March 13th, elaborating that “you will see horrific things that you will never see in your entire life” as they were “very destructive to my downstairs location.”

“Not a good idea, bye,” they concluded. 

@thefarrahflawless Replying to @maria.care_worker ♬ original sound - Farrah Flawless

Despite her word of warning, everyone naturally made a beeline to Google where they promptly discovered what, exactly, she was trying to obscure: A very unique and probably extremely painful gauge.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” she explained in a reply to one fan’s all-caps inquiry as to why she would gauge “that area.”

Though it’s unclear whether she stands by that idea, at least she seemingly had fun while doing it. “You only live once, so I want to experience everything,” she responded.

So Babs, it seems your time is up. But hey, at least maybe people will stop looking at your house now!