A bar in Arkansas recently held a Costume Contest for Halloween (as many places do) but theirs ended with controversy and outrage.

Lil Dude Tavern in Fort Smith Arkansas is the at the center of it all after a man wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit won the competition.

Local 5 News reached out to the manager who would not comment about the costume.

"I happen to know the owner of Lil' Dude, the mom and her son. The son is a very dear friend of mine, no way is he a hateful person. But, this is the clientele that Lil' Dudes are letting filter their place, and I totally disagree with that because the NAACP is not about hating folks,"

said Leo Good, a spokesman for the NAACP who talked with the owners.

The owners of the bar assured Good it was the patrons of the bars who voted for the winner, not the staff.  The bar's Facebook page been taken down following the controversy from the photo.