Youtuber iDubbbz, famous for his Content Cop series and most famous for his Tana Monague interaction in 2016, made a video defending his girlfriend's OnlyFans account which caused quite a frenzy with his fan base. He explains that OnlyFans is a place where users can upload their own amateur porn/nudes and charge a 'price of admission' to which he says he is, "totally cool with all of it"

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on having a girlfriend who shares her nudes for thousands of guys to get off to. Fans were split on defending/attacking him, calling him a cuck.

This situation lead to retired Youtuber Leafyishere uploading his first video in over two years to his channel. Leafy was known for his reaction and gaming videos; this new iDubbbz video had nothing to do with him. This video is only 30 seconds long and simply calls iDubbbz a cuck and that Youtube is still shit.

It's interesting to me that after two years of high amounts of drama happening on YouTube, THIS is the video that caused Leafy to finally come back. Feels like he has a personal reason to attack iDubbbz. After all iDubbbz did release one of his most popular Content Cops roasting Leafy back in 2016. Perhaps there's more to this story than we know as of right now.

Tweets and clips from his girlfriend's own streams show that perhaps the relationship between Ian (iDubbbz) and his girlfriend isn't as one-sided and wholesome as it might seem on the surface.

As this situation evolves, we are bound to see new videos from each reacting to reactions (God when does it stop?) but perhaps this tweet sums up the attitude we should all take towards this nonsense.