Everybody and their baby momma have been to an IHOP. It is, in fact, a right of passage for all Americans and foreigners alike seeking a better life in this country. People pretend they like Denny's but that's just a front. Because what people really want IHOP gives us. 

And sadly, or more so confusingly, IHOP announced today that they will be changing their name, that's right IHOP is no more. Allow me to introduce you to IHOB, the International House Of, well we're not exactly sure what the B stands for yet. 

What could the B stand for? Bacon? Breakfast? Boobs? Don't expect your local IHOP to turn into a morning styled Hooters, though that would be nice. Our best guess is that B stands for breakfast, The International House of Breakfast sounds reasonable, but nowhere near as cool as the International House of Bacon. We can only hope. 

Ihop plans to announce the meaning of IHOB on June 11th but until then we're all left waiting, some more patiently than others. So what do you think? What could the new B mean?