The United Nations: The global champions of world peace – and the people who really wanna destigmatize fucking your cousins.

In the early hours of Sunday, May 7, the United Nations Geneva took to Twitter with an important proclamation, calling for not only an end to gun violence but appearing to encourage their 934,000 followers to sleep with their relatives.

“We want peace. Silence the guns,” the organization captioned an illustration depicting a flower sitting in the barrel of a rifle, adding the hashtags “#StopWar” and much more notably “#IncestInPeace

Remaining on the site for several hours before its ultimate removal, the post, as calls for incest stemming from official intergovernmental accounts generally tend to, set Twitter ablaze, sparking a myriad of questions like “what the fuck,” “Why is this still on the site?” and as Twitter user @markthepeep so aptly put it, “Wha, what are you doing step U.N.”

“The hashtag #IncestInPeace brought to you by the Ancient Greeks,” joked popular shitposting page, Classic Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens.

“I’m glad to see that some traditions of the European nobility of my youth are still being maintained proudly by the folks at the UN in Geneva,” joked Twitter user @ingelramdecoucy before encouraging the organization to avoid a Hapsburg situation. “Just… Don’t take it too far again this time, okay guys?” they quipped.

Meanwhile, others took the typo as conspiracy theory fodder, questioning the UN’s sister-fucking agenda.

“Please take a look at this tweet from the #UN. It's been trending for 5 hours in its current iteration,” wrote @FearlessFriends in a quote tweet of the since-deleted post. “They say it's a ‘typo.’ BUT IS IT?” they asked before demanding the organization “fix it” and “issue an apology.”

“This is just one more example of why it's time to defund and shut down the #UN,” they concluded.

Maybe the hippies were right all along when it came to their iconic anti-war slogan: Make love (with your cousins) – not war.