Influencer Forest Fire Pakistan Dolly

Pakistani TikTok influencer Humaira Asghar is facing charges after posting a video to her TikTok account walking down a hill with fire burning in the background. The TikToker, known as Dolly to her 11.5 million followers, is facing scrutiny after being accused of starting the forest fire for the video; an unfortunate growing trend in Pakistan. 

Pakistan is currently in its hot and dry season, seeing temperatures that reach up to 124 degrees Fahrenheit. During this time, forest fires are common, and can be devastatingly damaging to the local ecosystems. This particular video was shot in Margalla Hills National Park, which has already fallen victim to damaging fires this year. 

The police have filed a complaint against Asghar for violating environmental protection laws, but she is just one of a growing group facing disciplinary action for starting fires for the sake of videos. One man has already been arrested for starting a fire for the backdrop of a video, and this video shows two young men doing something similar. 


Asghar denies starting the fire, saying she only used it for the video after a different man had lit it to clear the area of snakes. Either way, the fact that there is a growing trend of people putting views over dangerous environmental and physical dangers highlights fundamental issues with the culture of modern day influencing, and sets an unfortunate precedent that people are bound to follow. We hope that whoever is starting these fires is found and justice is served, but most of all that people begin to realize the dangers of a culture that fails to understand there is a real world behind the staged one they are viewing through a screen.