Danielle 'Cash Me Ousside' Bregoli and still from Disney's 'Tarzan'

Rapper/internet celebrity Bhad Bhabie - who will in all likelihood spend her entire career being known primarily as the "Cash Me Ousside" girl - is in some trouble with Black Twitter after a video clip emerged of her comparing herself and her hood upbringing to Tarzan growing up with gorillas.

Some folks argued that this clip was taken out of context and Bhabie's full video provides more clarity, but we'll let you be the judge of that. You can see the entire 9-minute rant here.

Regardless, the condemnation was swift and merciless:

 ‍♂️ (-) ℝℙ ! @EliteLakeShow Replying to  @simmons_szn

 cj @c7jjj “the story of tarzan”

⚡️Faisal @2FAFAFAISAL “..the story of Tarzan he grew up by the bears..”

juli @julianavalenn this how bhad babie felt when she brought up the story of tarzan

The clip got enough people talking about it that "Tarzan" was actually all the way up to #4 on Twitter's trending chart. 

harley @harley1048573 Me seeing Tarzan trending vs me seeing why Tarzan is trending

 Jess @Himynameisjess6 Me when I found out the reason why #Tarzan was trending

A lot of people were also understandably bummed that "Tarzan" wasn't trending due to some announcement from Disney about either the beloved animated film version from our childhoods or possibly a new release/sequel. 

 bomboclaat @_iamsaad_

Ray  @TacoSunKing In light of Tarzan trending due to Bhad Bhabie's stupidity, let's give props to how dope Disney's Tarzan was, and how hard Phil Collins went with the soundtrack

I couldn't agree more, so let's check that out to remove the Bhad taste from our mouths: