Iranian Woman - world cup fan

'Iranian Woman' trended on Twitter after this gorgeous World Cup fan was briefly pictured during the broadcast of the critical match between Iran and the United States. In just a few seconds of air time, the woman captured the hearts of millions watching around the world, including this American fan who offered up a green card over Twitter.

Iran is currently in the middle of widespread protests sparked by the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman named Mahsa Amini, who was killed by authorities after being detained for the improper wearing of a hijab. Authorities have not been shy in their use of violence to try and quell the uprisings, and death tolls are high. The cause of freedom for Iranian women has struck a nerve around the world, especially among younger generations, and even the Iranian national team refused to sing their anthem in solidarity with Iranian women and the protests. 

With this context in mind, many people were upset with the tweet for its objectification while Iranian women are fighting for their rights. 

Of course, many others expressed their agreement with its general sentiment. 

People also turned their attention to the man standing in front of her, wondering if they were together, and noticing a doppelgänger. 

Following Iran's defeat to the United States, there is still a feeling of tension surrounding its national team. The regime allegedly threatened players' families after their national anthem protest, and authorities shot and killed a man for celebrating the American victory. Civil unrest is still ongoing with no signs of slowing down, and the death toll could be higher than 500. 

Hopefully Iranian protestors can take some solace in the fact that the bulk of the world is behind them, and this viral world cup fan can only help in garnering support for Iranian woman. At least she did for this fan.