In a new episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia that aired earlier this week, the gang did a clip episode. Only this wasn't your average clip episode, this was the gang's version of a clip episode. It was bizarre, it was unpredictable, and while it starts with actual clips, it quickly devolves into a fantasy sequence where Charlie marries the waitress and eventually lands in this scene from the Seinfeld episode "The Contest."

As I'm sure you remember, the iconic episode "The Contest" (from Seinfeld's 4th season) centered around a bet about who could go the longest without masturbating. Kramer, George, and Jerry all put in $100, and Elaine put in $150 (since it was claimed that it would be much easier for her since she was a woman).  

In this famous scene, Kramer notices a nude woman across the street from Jerry's apartment, which causes him to be the first one out of the bet. 

In the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia shot-for-shot recreation, George is played by Frank, Elaine is played by Dee, Jerry is played by both Dennis and Mac, and Charlie is, naturally, Kramer. 

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