Bad news for animators, cinematographers and anyone who identifies as a member of the human race: A.I. is officially coming for us.

With the announcement of Sora, OpenAi’s text-to-video model, on Thursday, several tech-savvy Twitter users decided to take an extremely short walk down memory lane, highlighting the very uncanny heights A.I. technology has reached in an alarmingly short amount of time.

“Text to video progress in one year,” reporter @samsheffer captioned two juxtaposed clips respectively depicting a glitchy, crying Will Smith eating pasta from 2023 and a hyperrealistic woman waking up alongside her cat.

Yet, instead of celebrating these newfound leaps — ones that may not actually be so impressive considering their alleged reliance on existing clips— several Twitter users had a very different takeaway from this comparison: as @prodbyharrison so aptly put it, “We’re cooked.”

“You scientists are so preoccupied with whether or not you can, you don't stop to think if you should,” wrote RubenKelevra.

“Deeply curious as to what the developers think the practical applications of this are,” asked @UriBris. “Other than non-consensual porn, spreading false information and stealing VFX jobs.”

Meanwhile, @kirawontmiss speculated on just how Sora could impact the justice system.

“This is all fun and games until you end up in court watching a 60-second video evidence of yourself committing a crime you’ve never done,” they wrote.

If there were ever a time to bring back camcorders, it is most definitely now.