James Gunn is once again tweeting through his problems. This time a self-inflicted shot to the foot after posting a Twitter poll regarding Superman's costume. Should Superman wear trunks or no trunks? Of course, the nerds came out in full force to voice their opinions.

Gunn, who is no stranger to angry mobs coming for his throat, eventually had to clarify that the poll was in no way going to sway the filmmaker's decision. He even went as far as to call the poll (which he created mind you) "egregiously non-scientific."

Yes. Thank you, James, for treating your fans and viewers like they're children. I'm sure nobody actually thought that you were going to stand by the answer of a Twitter poll. But as the DCU has proven time and time again, EVERYTHING has to be deathly serious. Superhero discourse (just like every DC movie) has to be dark and brooding and unrelentingly heavy.

Give me a break. Thankfully some people found humor in the whole situation.

This isn't Gunn's first boneheaded tweet, and we can guarantee it won't be his last. The DCU is definitely in good hands, as long as those hands can stay off of Twitter for more than a day at a time.