The Wednesday Addams actress, Jenna Ortega was spotted smoking a cigarette last week and her fans are losing their shit over it. The video, which has been dubbed ‘cigarette-gate’ went viral across Twitter, and Ortega’s stans are shocked and heartbroken to see their fav smoking a cigarette.

The video was posted to Twitter by @wstgoat7, who captioned the clip, “WTF JENNA SMOKES? NOOO.” The post received 32,000 likes and over 40 million total views, and the replies are full of young people debating the ‘coolness’ and health factors behind smoking.

Getting caught partaking in adult activity is kind of a right of passage for young celebrities, especially when their fan bases are mostly tweens and teens.

User @groovy_jerren explained the hostile reaction well saying, “Twitter users when they see an adult celebrity doing adult things but the parasocial relationship and halo effect they've projected onto that celebrity gets disillusioned in the process so now they have to act out.”   

While most of the comments are from fans with broken hearts, there were plenty of commenters who came to her defense. One such person was Twitter user @_mma_kirby, who replied, “like her even more now.”

And some fans used the stan meltdown to get off some jokes, as @DearHyeju put it, “if I was asked to do the Wednesday dance thirty thousand times per day id need a smoke break to tbh.”

Jenna Ortega’s controversial cigarette makes a clear divide in what generations think is cool, and apparently, smoking is a big turn-off, despite the obsession with vapes among teens and Gen-Z, smoking real cigs is still very much out. That being said, death-obsessed Wednesday Addams would absolutely crush a pack of cigarettes.