Former NFL wide receiver and Jets legend, Plaxico Burress, made national headlines today by creating an OnlyFans account. People are saying this is like MJ's "I'm Back", but better. 

Burress apparently doesn't know how to control a gun or link to his own OnlyFans page. (Alright, that was a dumb joke but I just wanted to poke fun at it).

Currently on his OnlyFans page, which costs $15.30 monthly, there isn't anything posted. Fans of the 6ft 5in, 231lbs wide out will have to hold out until 'P-Buddy' releases his first catch of content.  

Plaxico isn't a bad looking dude. Because of his celebrity status and his NFL body, he's due for another pay day. 

(This is one of the only semi-shirtless photos of Plaxico that can be found. For now...)

Fans of Plaxico might also remember his funny side from a viral video that circulated the web a few years back.

Thanks Plaxico fans, I will be subscribing.