The Joker dancing scene - The Joker is the big winner with 11 total Oscar nominations

Fans are doing victory laps online after 'The Joker' nabbed a whopping 11 Oscar nominations, more than 'The Irishman' and four more than 'Black Panther' got in 2019. 

Comic book movies have finally cemented their place in both pop and indie movie culture and fans are very, very happy about that. But what's more exciting for people online, is that despite the months longs campaign 'against' the film didn't hurt it's profits nor it's reception, a feat fans are very excited about. 

Well not everybody is excited, many of the people who hated Joker when it came out are only growing with rage. 

Not only is Joker the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time, it is the first comic book film to beat out to competition in total Oscar nominations. So when people get upset about it, we feel the need to replenish our Uncut Tears with the sorrow of people who expected 'The Joker' to become Citizen Kane for incels.