Kanye West is back on Twitter and already tweeting up a storm. The past month or so has been a bit rough for Kanye, so he wanted us to make sure we knew that he's taking a break. The musician stated that he's doing a 30-day cleanse which includes a verbal fast and absolutely no alcohol.

But that's not all. NO adult films and NO intercourse. Hold up...does that mean what I think it means? Let me check my calendar.

Yes! We can confirm that Kanye West is participating in No Nut November. Granted he tweeted this after 6pm on the 3rd, so this may turn into Don't Drain December.

His participation tweet also specifies that his Twitter is "still lit." Meaning we'll probably have to put up with him on the internet, so is that really a cleanse? Either way, we wish Kanye the best of luck. No Nut November is not for the faint of heart.