Kanye West has been making wild statements on Twitter again and was recently banned from the platform for the second time. However, this time a clip from West's $15,000 dollar private school was shared and it is quite disturbing. 

The school is designed to be a Christian private school to help children grow up in a "post iPhone world", West has stated. He believes that modern schools are preparing children to work in industries that no longer matter. 

The school is meant to teach kids about full "school worship" and does include basic skills like language arts, math and sciences. West has called it a "gospel school" saying that children will also learn to sing and praise Jesus Christ.

In the clip shared on Twitter, however, the song being sung has nothing to do with gospel or Jesus and instead seems to be praising West's late mother Donde. 

The school has parents sign an "informal agreement" to not disclose what happens at the school and to keep the teachings private between the teacher and the students, raising eyebrows from critics who wonder why anyone would want to send their kids to a private school that is literally private.

Many of the responses on Twitter were negative toward this structure of schooling and feared for the children's safety and mental well-being at the school. Most were calling it a cult.

The approved uniforms of the school are baggy black T-shirts and sweats, seemingly the same type of clothes West wears himself.

West's kids don't even attend the school, so that might say everything you need to know about this strange institution.