Just when you thought the Karens had reached peak insanity, there is always one more Karen ready to out-Karen the rest. William Legate, CEO of Pillow Fight - a mattress and bedding company that rivals MyPillow - shared his experience with said Karen on Twitter. You can go ahead and hang these screenshots in The Louvre.

From her messages, we can surmise that Karen AKA Holly is upset about more than just pillows. She proceeds to call William a “broke boy” and claims that she’s “on hold” with his boss, which he explains, is him. Karen’s deranged rant continues, “wait till you get fired. It’s my MISSION. F***, LIBERALS.” According to William, these are the screenshots he chose to share. She apparently sent even more vile messages than the ones pictured.

At this point, you’d think Karen would realize the jig is up. Clearly, William has called her bluff and knows she’s not talking to anyone. But it’s not in Karen’s nature to lick her wounds and crawl back into her hole. She does what every Karen is trained to do and doubles down. “Just wait,” she says, “I’m on the phone with NY Times.” To which William laughs “very busy today making phone calls.”

This story does have a happy ending, however. After being berated and harassed by this woman, William ended up finding her real name as well as her place of employment. To dox or not to dox? That is the question.

William revealed, “she said all LGBTQ people should die, that she was going to harass my entire family, that she was going to slander my business in an attempt to destroy it, and told me to kill myself.”

Karen now has no Twitter account and no job.