In what is perhaps the first ever instance of this happening in human history, a teenager who was reported missing by his grandmother responded to the reports by releasing a diss track about said grandmother.

Earlier this month, Columbus, Georgia teenager Tyron Giles was reported missing, with his last known whereabouts being Oakland Park. Missing person alerts were sent out to the media and published in multiple news outlets and across several social media channels, with one Instagram account reporting that he “ran away from his residence after getting in trouble.” Probably not the first time a teenager has done that, though this is probably the first time they’ve responded the way Giles did.

Fortunately for everyone involved, the 15-year-old is safe. Unfortunately for his grandma, though, he’s mad, as he skilfully demonstrated through his song lyrics. In his diss track, he raps:

I just been chillin’

Livin’ like this hoe cappin’

Or not missin’

Let you know, this hoe crazy

On God, this lil’ hoe trippin’

Talk my dad on me, said I ain’t missin’

I’m just standin’ on bendin’

You talkin’ bout you gon’ get me?

Nah, lil’ hoe, you just trippin’

Don’t forget on your grandson

Don’t make me come through with them switches

On God, hoe, why you done lied to the whole net?

Talkin’ bout on me

Said I ain’t missin’

I’m just livin’ my best

Don’t wanna come back home to granny

She know what up next

She keep on talkin’

I send shots straight through her chest

Fuck granny, I’ma keep on this

Fuck granny, I’ma keep on this

Fuck granny

Wow. According to a family member, Tyron “lost his mind” after his grandmother, who has had custody of him for most of his life, suffered a stroke in August 2022. The relative explained, “He ran away after Easter because he wanted to be grown and have young girls sleeping over and my mom was not having it. My mom is concerned for his safety because he is aligning himself with the wrong people and activities, but he is more concerned about getting internet clout by disrespecting his grandma.”

Internet commenters were divided, with many feeling that while the song “lowkey was hitting,” ultimately, “you can’t spin on your grandmother,” with one person commenting, “Bro talm spinnin on the only person that’s gone give him commissary or visits. If this ain’t crash out behavior I don’t know what is.”

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, but respecting your grandma and not writing diss tracks about her is a good rule of thumb regardless.