Viral Trend Devious Licks -  where highschool kids pretends to steal from their schools

Stealing is a right of passage for many adolescents. I am not ashamed to admit that when I was growing up I would steal almost anything that wasn't tied down. And while you may think that's terrible, I always kept to the code. 

For example, the rules for most moral thieves are simple. Never steal from family or friends. Never steal from those weaker or worse off than yourself. Never steal from small businesses, ie mom and pops, and always, always steal from corporations. 

My stealing was never of much consequence. Maybe some candy here and there, my first pack of cigarettes, movies, music, but I'd be damned if I ever stole from my school, which is what the viral trend 'devious licks' seemingly prompt kids to do. 

'Devious licks' is a viral trend that started on TikTok, which showcases the stolen goods thieves has 'licked', a slang term for stealing. 

Now, as with all things online, we must question the authenticity of these clips. Because as you'll see below, stealing your homerooms projector, and then bragging about it on the internet is sure to help you maintain a low profile. 

So before you get too riled up, take the clips with a grain of salt. And while some of the viral clips are surely fake, we can't help but think some may be real. For example, the soap dispenser bandit, who nicked all the bathroom soap dispensers might actually be incriminating himself. Only time will tell. 

So in the meantime, check out these "devious licks" and we'll be scanning the news to see if there is a rise in juvenile delinquencies. And if you work in a high school, make sure you don't leave your lunch out where the kids can find it.