Kim Kardashian may or may not be trying to make contact with aliens. She recently posted photos to her Instagram revealing the bathing suit line of her clothing brand SKIMS. With scantily clad UFOs in tow, Kim is abducting the internet.

It would make so much sense if Kim Kardashian turned out to be an alien from another planet. Honestly, I would be more surprised if she DIDN'T admit to being some sort of extraterrestrial. And not to be too on the nose, but have we forgotten Kayne's feature on the Katy Perry hit, E.T.

One Kanye lyric even poses the question, "Tell me what's next, alien sex?" I'm just connecting the dots here. The references in Kim's post are glaring and obvious.

You can find the full line here on her Instagram page, but I'm all in on this conspiracy. If Kim Kardashian doesn't embody an unidentified anomalous phenomenon (UAP) then who in the hell does?