Kyrie Irving recently put out a tweet about an antisemitic film that was released on Amazon. He was subsequently suspended by the team for five games without pay. When asked if he has antisemitic beliefs he answered, "I cannot be antisemitic if I know where I came from."

On Thursday, Irving was interviewed about the tweet in a video and gave another cryptic answer to being questioned about his views saying, "I'm a beacon of light. I'm not afraid of these mics, these cameras. Any label you put on me I'm able to dismiss because I study. I know the Oxford dictionary."

Many fans are confused by Irving's stance on the matter. Most are saying that he's most likely finished in professional basketball.

However, some fans are more upset that the antisemitic documentary exists on Amazon and are defending Irving because he was not the creator of the film. They believe Amazon should be held accountable for producing the movie.

Irving did issue an apology earlier today on his Instagram, but like his other statements, fans said it seemed disingenuous and forced. Most people are thinking it may have been influenced by the NBA, trying to get him to come back from his suspension rather than being let go.

The 30-year-old Brooklyn Nets point guard said that he was sorry for not pointing out what parts of the documentary he agreed with and that "To All Jewish families and Communities that are hurt and affected from my post I am deeply sorry to have caused you pain," which fans are saying only sounds like "I'm sorry I offended you" and not that he understands why he hurt these communities.