harvard university the richest university in the world

Not many things can bring together the right and left wings in the U.S., but piling on Harvard for charging students $50k/year for online Zoom classes is proving to be a remarkably welcome common ground.

Harvard recently announced they'll allow up to 40% of undergraduate students to live on campus for the upcoming school year, but none of those students will be allowed to attend classes in person.

harvard university undergraduate students

All classes will be held remotely online, so even the students on campus will just sit inside their dorm rooms all day long.

Of course, students living at Harvard or at home will still pay the same $50,000 annual tuition, a point that most people find reasonably ridiculous.

In the r/Conservative Subreddit, people realized that colleges overcharging students for online classes may be one issue that both Fox News and NPR fans can agree is super shitty.

now it's basically a $50k fee to join a country club that is currently closed and you take online courses on the side.

great! outrageous college education costs is one issue left and right might agree on. can healthcare reform be next?

a good start is to stop defining success by getting a college degree, and stop telling our kids that a degree is the best path to a good career for everybody.

On Twitter, comedian and ardent Bernie Sanders supporter Stavros Halkias, along with conservative whiner Charlie Kirk (founder of the right-wing organization Turning Point USA), shared the opportunity to crap on Harvard.

why is harvard still charging a full undergraduate tuition rate of $49,653 despite holding all classes online? They have a 41 billion dollar endowment. Why are they still ripping students off?

lotta people mad about harvard charging full tuition for online classes but the important thing to remember is that anyone that went to an Ivy League school under any circumstance is a fucken loser lol

Whether the idea of Ivy League universities seems dumb to begin with, or it seems like Harvard is scamming students by charging full price for a degree without any of the perks, people from both ends of the political spectrum can agree Harvard sucks.

a big part to going to the Ivy League is networking and they're missing a big part of that being online

can we just make it more straightforward and have them send me the diploma directly after I pay?

in 2019 harvard's endowment totaled over $40 billion. the largest in the country. They'll be charging students 50k a year to learn how to hate america via zoom classes. what a scam.

conservatives who rightfully bash looting should be attacking this in similar fashion. straight up fraud.

So while the election in November is still going to be one big steaming pile, it's nice that we can all join together for a minute to tell the administrators running Harvard they're a bunch of crooks.